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Plan research


Dragon Dreaming provides methods to realize creative, collaborative and sustainable projects.

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Rosa Banane, weißen Nägel
Image by Arya Dubey

Dreamer Mindset: Everything is possible, forget all limits and rules.

Make pictures of your goal, your results in your head. Color it glittering and colourful. Images in the head want to become reality.

Change perspective
Do it backwards, upside down, twist and turn, slip into different roles, explore as another persona...

Change the place where you research
We think and research differently in different places.
Look for places where you feel uncontrolled. It has been proven that we are more creative and free to express ourselves when we don't feel controlled.

Combine in many ways

for example with the Google image search.
Search with two keywords: Keyword one refers to your question, keyword two is a randomly chosen word.

Bisociation, in pairs or in a group

Person 1 says a word ---> Person 2 says a word that has nothing to do with it.

(e.g. carrot - broom, sea - fart...)

There is still hope when we understand that everything is a copy, a copy, a copy!

What is or promotes creativity? Sascha Friesike explains to us here what red and blue, flat and high, dark and light rooms do to our creativity. He also says remixing is a big part of creativity. What does that mean? Steal as much as you can and shake it up again.

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