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I am an independent and cosmopolitan woman, born and raised in Fürth (Bay).

My way led me to Nuremberg, Munich and Mannheim.
There I learned the dressmaker's trade and dedicated myself to the study of
dance in Nuremberg and Mannheim.

Since 2017 I am now a freelance dancer and choreographer working among others with and at: Stuttgart State Opera, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Theater Pfütze e.V., Nostos Tanztheater, Theater Carnivore, Geraldino and LE:ON, Catherine Guerin.

With my artistic work, I want to get people excited about Contemporary Performance Art who otherwise have little contact with it. In doing so, I explore the interface between everyday life and art.
Whereby I as an artist also always see myself as an activist.


About me

miriam_markl_moving_stories_2022_credits Alexander Ehhalt.jpg

Photo by Lys Y. Seng

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