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I have been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance facilitator based in Mannheim/Berlin since 2017.

Dancing and choreographing is an act of being in this world to me.

Exploring, thinking in movement, allows me to be in touch with my needs and the needs of those around me. In dance, I move easily from one state to another. Dance allows me to always be in a state of flow and to discover a variety of responses and ways to create to the also ever-changing environment.

With my work, I want to design and create spaces through movement that allow to encounter the unknown and the other with open arms, curiosity and empathy.

A major concern of mine is to inspire people for contemporary performance art who otherwise have little contact with it. In doing so, I research the intersection between everyday life and art and show performances in theaters, rural areas, discos and nightclubs to reach audiences who otherwise rarely go to the theater. I want to meet my audience in a non-elitist setting and wish strongly that people feel with me and are moved inwardly in order to invite them to experience and witness.

As a choreographer, I create own works and I´m keenly interested in collective work processes.

I co-created in the following projects:

- The practice of Peripheral Vision with Amelia Eisen

- Dancing by Numbers with Catherine Guerin  

In addition to my dance studies, which I completed in Nuremberg and Mannheim 2013-2017, I am a trained dressmaker and worked as a costume design assistant at Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich, among others, 2012-2013. My educations were followed by numerous further trainings in improvisation, composition and instant composition. In 2023 I successfully completed my training at the Center for Movement Based Expressive Arts Education & Therapy, Basic Training Level 1 in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process according to Anna and Daria Halprin.

The starting point of my work is the body, which is not just a body, but with it all the prohibitions, mysteries, impenetrabilities that a culture projects onto it. The dancing body arouses astonishment, hesitation, repulsion or jubilation at its approach. In doing so, I question the organization and coding of bodies and the way we move through everyday, interpersonal, social situations and structures.

About me

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Photo by Lys Y. Seng

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