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After completing my dance studies in Mannheim, I have been working as a freelance dancer since 2017.

I gained experience in contemporary dance, dance theater and opera productions, as well as in outdoor performances.

Among others I danced for:

Catherine Guerin (smart moves)

Lillian Stillwell at Theater and Orchestra Heidelberg

Staatsoper Stuttgart (e.g. for Altea Garrido)

Christina Liakopoyloy - Nostostanztheater

Darja Reznikova (Soundbody Productions)

Amelia Eisen

Sarah Herr

I regularly perform in the field of dance improvisation, e.g. the format moving stories under the artistic direction of Catherine Guerin.



Exploring, thinking in movement allows me to be in flow with my needs and the needs of the world. In this playful attempt to dance, I move easily from one state to another - along the way, my body surprises me with innovation and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Dance allows me to always be in the flow of the HERE and NOW, discovering endless possibilities made of innovative: NOWHERES that we pass along the way.

Foto: Rolf Schmuck, 2023

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