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After completing my dance studies in Mannheim, I have been working as a freelance dancer since 2017.

Thereby I gained experience in contemporary dance, dance theater and opera productions, as well as outdoor performances in Germany and Italy.

I danced for: Lillian Stillwell at Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Theater Carnivore, Altea Garrido at Staatsoper Stuttgart, Christina Liakopoyloy - Nostostanztheater, Catherine Guerin, Theater Pfütze e.V., Amelia Eisen, Elisabeth Kaul and Catherine Guerin

I can be seen regularly in impro-performances with: Henrick Kaalund, Anne Devries, Orbit 3.1, Geraldino and LE:ON, Impro-Battel at Eintanzhaus, Lyriknacht in Nuremberg.




As a dancer

Exploring, thinking in movement allows me to be in flow with my needs and the needs of the world. In this playful attempt to dance, I move easily from one state to another - along the way, my body surprises me with innovation and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Dance allows me to always be in the flow of the HERE and NOW,
discovering endless possibilities made of innovative: NOWHERES that we pass along the way.

Photo by Lys Y. Seng

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