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Plan research

Here you will find various strategies for organizing a research project.

The strategies are inspired by the Design Thinking and Dreagon Dreaming methods, a. o..   

Inspiration//Unknown field to explore

You are excited and infected by something, that is unknown, that wants to be explored.

To start planning properly:

Define your question

  • Why? (Why do I want to do research on XY?)

  • Who? (Who is doing research? And FOR WHOM? TARGET GROUP)

  • What? (What have others researched on this?)

  • Whith what? (What materials are used? The dance body? Other people who have never danced in their lives? Is research done in a dance studio or side specific?)

  • Who else? (Who else did the research? And what did they come up with?)

  • How much? (How many contributors? How many benefit from the research results?)

  • When? (How long do we plan for the research? When exactly do we work and what other commitments do we have in addition to our research project?)

  • How? (How do you want to research? Which techniques do you want to use (literature research, movement reserach...?)

Share your ideas, your questions not only with like-minded people, but also with critics.

When you have answered all the questions, take your time and define your question. Try to formulate the question as precisely as possible and combine important parameters in it. This question forms the starting point and is the point to which you will return again and again in your process. It significantly influences what you will find. Also allow yourself to change your question if you realize in the process that it is not the right question for the answers you are looking for.

Task Team Raum
Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an experiment based problem solving strategy for interdisciplinary group processes involving all factors and great focus on empathy with the user or target group of the product.

If you like to approach your research in a user-oriented and experimental way, the principle of Design Thinking might be interesting for you.

Literatur empfehlung:

Design Thinking Playbook

von Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link, Larry Leifer

Desighn Thinking: Das Handbuch

von Britta Pukall, Falk Uebernickel, Walter Brenner

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Dragon Dreaming provides methods to realize creative, collaborative and sustainable projects.

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