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Plan research

Dragon Dreaming provides methods to realize creative, collaborative and sustainable projects.

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Film your movement research

Tip: Cut out the parts of the video that interest you. Then you can find them again later and don't suffocate in mountains of data.


In text form

- Mind maps

- Creative writing

-Use poetry to put the unspeakable on paper (write a poem or a story).

In language

- Conduct and record an interview with yourself

- Speak thoughts and reflections onto a recording device



Capture mind maps, movement research, drawings or look for images that represent your results for you.



For example, I often draw spatial paths or relationship constellations.

Visuelles Projekt


Create a collage of all your notes and sources of inspiration.


Make research results available to others

Questions I find helpful in choosing the format of the presentation:
- For whom should the research results be accessible? Who could benefit?
- What is the best format for communicating your research?
- Why is it relevant for you to share your research?

leere Bühne


Present your results at a public showing.

A great way to get feedback from viewers.



Create a short film or trailer that conveys your research results.

You are of course free to decide whether you want to make a documentary or an artistic film.

You can share the film with a worldwide audience via social media, Vimeo or YouTube.

Here is an example of a documentary presentation of the research week Shared Spacesdes Flux eV


Create a podcast by sharing your research results.

From Soundcloud you can upload your podcasts free of charge and make them accessible to a worldwide audience.

Click here for a podcast that deals with research methods and procedures in dance practice. 



Offer a workshop for other dance professionals and/or those interested in dance and share your research with them.

You can generate new insights together with the participants.


photo book

Create a photo book with photos from the research process, add quotes and text.

Website auf verschiedenen Geräten


Present your research results on your website.

Here are a few examples from me.

Or use e.g. offers like Exisdance, the blog of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, if you have received funding from DisTanzen for your research.

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