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Connect in 3D


This "Art As Everyday Encounter" performance took place during the 1st lockdown from May 27th to April 10th, 2020. The reason for this performance was to pursue the need and desire for non-virtual (i.e. real, physical, three-dimensional) exchange. I invited friends to take part in the various activities via email.


The following actions took place as an art performance:

Dinner with friends

Buy food

Party with friends

Have coffee together


Spontaneous action

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Dinner with friends

I prepared dinner for all registered friends.

Anyone living in the vicinity of the delivery area received a prepeared meal to their home. Whoever lived outside the delivery area received a shopping list + recipe to cook for themself.

In addition, each participant received an mp3 track with a spoken dinner conversation. With this recording everyone could pretend they were actually at my place for a common dinner. The track contained a description of my place, a mutual dinner conversation and ended with thoughts of how popular pop songs would sound, if they were written for whales.


Reason: To compensate for the current situation, in which it is not possible to invite friends for a meal together.

Time: Tuesday May 5th


16 households (families, single households and shared apartments) from all over Europe took part at this performance.



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Shopping performance  

I sent step by step instructions on how grocery shopping becomes a performance.

Report by Jana about her shopping performance in Sweden:

I disguised myself (due to the lack of availability in the Swedish wardrobe) as a New York fashion magazine employee who is allowed to go to the supermarket for the first time.

For the first time in my (adult) life I left the house wearing a hat. At first I felt extremely uncomfortable and thought that everyone would stare, besides, you can't run fast with a hat. Very bad. But the right playlist and then it got more relaxed.

The other people didn't stare as hard as I thought, but I was treated differently at the checkout. And people have given me more space (maybe not the worst in times of coronavirus).

Conclusion 1: in desperate situations you become a child: dress up = a lot of jewelry and an inappropriate dress

Conclusion 2: never trust people who run fast in spite of their hats - that can't be right

Conclusion 3: to feel like a New Yorker you don't have to go to New York - Sinatra and hat help


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Party with friends

I handed out instructions on how to turn a party at your own place, with only yourself present, into a performance. Each participant could choose what kind of party he or she would like to go to, what he or she would like to wear, etc.

We all celebrated at the same time, everyone at home without seeing or hearing each other.

Afterwards, all participants shared their party experience using a questionnaire.

Reason: Establishing a connection through a joint activity without virtually meeting each other

Saturday May 2nd 10pm

There was a slumber party, a wedding and a house party with friends; at which it is allowed to dance rolling on the floor.

Stories were read aloud, a dreamy-party  (one guest at the party overslept the whole party - although she was very much looking forward to it), there were wedding dances, a priest with glasses and self-forged (alias bent) rings made of silver wire.


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Drinking coffee with friends

I was available for 4 hours via What´s App Video Call to have coffee with anyone who wants to, at home. During the virtual meeting, I pretended and acted as if my visitors were with me at home. Anyone who had not yet visited me at home, received a guidedtour through my apartment.

Reason: To compensate all the coffee meetings with friends that didn't take place

Time: Friday May 1st 1pm - 5pm / Thursday May 7th 1pm - 5pm


A total of 6 friends had coffee with me, each for an hour.

4 guided tours of the apartment, gossip, profound and funny conversations and lots of coffee


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Participants in the performance could ask for a present from me.

I sent it or left it on their doorstep.

Reason: to compensate for the lack of three-dimensional exchange

Time frame: May 27th - April 10th

I handed out can phones so that we could still share secrets despite the distance.

In exchange I got: selfmade rattles (so that I can feel like I'm in Venezuela; Caracas), small corn and artichoke plants, Gomasio, popcorn and lots of selfies from happy recipients.

In total, I gave away 9 gifts.